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Potomac River Information

Nice/Middleton Bridge Status

The Nice/Middleton Bridge Project is the home page for construction status and waterway restrictions during construction. Photos and video feed of construction are also available. Check this site before going up river until construction completes.


Tides matter on the water, low water presents problems entering some creeks off the river due to sand bars across the entrances. Below are tide tables for Dahlgren and tide offsets up and down the river to allow estimation of tide at other locations.


Tide times below should be accurate, Tide heights can be off significantly due to local conditions that are not modeled. If accurate tide height is needed it is recommended that you check the NOAA tide station in Dahlgren for the current tide height to determine the current tide height offset to apply to the table height. The NOAA chart shows a graph with the calculated and actual tide heights in Dahlgren.


Potomac Weapon Range

NSWC Dahlgren operates a weapons range from the 301 Bridge south on the Potomac River occupying most of the river width. The range is marked on the river with yellow buoys. Part or all of the range may be closed on any part of any day. During closure all boating activity in the closed section is prohibited. If you are in the vicinity during closure check with the range boat for clearance to transit the range. Transit might be possible between test shots depending upon range activities and transit time but only following authorization from the range. Check the following link for the current schedule of operations and contact information.


Everyone needs charts

Water Quality

Water quality is important if you are on the water and in contact with it. Even if you are not swimming, water spray will get on you, and the bottom silt when you pull up an anchor. The following links are a starting point.

USCG Notice to Mariners

USGC Local Notice To Mariners Atlantic Area Region 5 includes notices for PA, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC

Report problem with USGC Aid to Navigation

If you observe a problem with a USCG buoy, day mark or light it should be reported to get repaired. DYC has prepared guidance in how to submit the USCG online form.

Hurricane and other storm history

High water and waves impact DYC facilities. The links below provide additional information on hurricanes that have passed through the area and the recent high tide event.