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How to Report Aid to Navigation Problem to USCG

The USCG maintains the Aids to Navigation within US waters. When a boater observes a problem with an Aid they should file a report to the USCG using the following steps:

  1. Verify the observed problem is a discrepancy from the current description of the aid by looking at the current Light List (includes lights, buoys and beacons).
    1. The list is published by District so examine the Main Light List Page to determine the District. (Dahlgren is District 5.)
    2. Do not click on the image or list links on the page. The links go to the master lists for the district which may be out of date. Check the Light Lists (Weekly Updates) to verify there has been no change to the Aid. If not found check the master list referenced in (A) above. If the Aid is not located then it no longer exists and should not be reported as a discrepancy.
    3. Dahlgren is in Volume 2 - District 5 around page 150. If you need another location examine the Front Matter and Index for the district.
    4. If the observed problem is a discrepancy from the weekly update continue to report the problem.
    5. Record the Aid Name and Light List Number (LLNR) from the list (first two columns) as they will be needed to report the problem.
  2. You will need the following information from your boat to complete the report so collect it before starting:
    • Vessel Name
    • Type of Vessel
    • DOC#/ HIN / VIN / State #
  3. Use the online form to report the discrepancy.