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Emergency Pump Out Use Instructions
16 Nov 2015

This is a high volume submersible pump intended to pump out boats with leaks. The pump should only be plugged in when submersed in the water in the boat with people out of the water. The pump is insulated, but electrical shock risk exists with electricity in water. Pump will leave at least 2” of water in the boat.

To use:

  1. Get pump from locker room
  2. Go to sinking boat
  3. Remove pump bucket lid
  4. Remove power cord/line, outlet host and pump
  5. Locate electric outlet to use for pump, do not plug in.
  6. Unwind the hose, attach to the pump if not attached.
  7. Lower pump into the boat, locate in deepest water in boat using line if possible, sinking boats are dangerous to board as they may capsize.
  8. Locate outlet hose away from the boat and control the end of the host to make sure it does not fly around when water flows. If fuel/oil in water, insure outlet is located inside of spill containment boom provided by fire department call the base emergency response number:
    desk phones/land lines on base: 911
    cell phones: 540-653-8095
  9. Make sure all people are out of the water
  10. Plug in the pump
  11. Pump until the water is removed (down to last 2”)
  12. Unplug pump
  13. Take action to stop leak or remove boat from water.

After Use:

  1. Fill trash can with fresh water
  2. Place pump in trash can
  3. Control end of hose
  4. Plug in pump and empty trash can.
  5. Rinse of hose with fresh water.
  6. Dry off.
  7. Place pump in bucket
  8. Coil hose and power cord and place in bucket
  9. Place lid on bucket
  10. Return to Locker Room
  11. Report use to Dock Master