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DYC Facility Improvement History

Dahlgren Yacht club has existed for many years on the current site, the earliest records I have seen were from the early 1950's when it was called Dahlgren Boat Club. In the 50's as today it had a mix of motor boats and sailboats, there was a crab feast every year and on July 4th there was a water ski show complete with a ski jump.

DYC exists as an approved Class IV, DOD Civilian Employee Morale, welfare, and Recreation (MWR), Non—appropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI) and is subject to current DOD and Navy Regulations. As such, DYC operates with all funding coming from membership and slip rental fees collected throughout the year to cover all expenses associated with operation of the activity. Current operating expenses cover:

The club dues and slip rentals are set to insure that the fixed operating and maintenance expenses are covered and that capital improvement funds are contributed yearly to build up a cash reserve to fund repairs and improvements. Club dues are kept as low as possible through use of member labor where ever possible to avoid having to hire contractors and incur additional costs. DYC has NO employees. DYC as an organization is not able to borrow money so all improvements are done using accumulated cash reserves. If the cash is not present, the improvement or repair cannot be implemented and will have to wait for funding. The BOG regularly considers what major improvement and repair items are going to arise and plans for the funding to accomplish the work. The major improvements that have been provided through use of this fund include:

The Quay wall was replaced with the current wall located outside of the prior wall. Design included passive water filtration through gravel and material behind wall exiting under bottom wall planks.
The prior ramp constructed from old target slabs was removed and the current ramp constructed. The new ramp provided increased depth and length over the old ramp and removed the hazard of exposed rebar.
2001 - 2005
The current Dockhouse replaced the prior building that contained minimal storage, small rest rooms with a shower only in the mens room. In 2002 the new building was constructed with ground floor restrooms and locker room complete and the upstairs bare frames with no access stairs. Members contributed work over the next three years to wire the upstairs, insulate, paint, install flooring, install lights, install fans, install cabinets and build the stairs and deck. The building is Dedicated to the memory of Dave Bowen who was instrumental in getting the building designed and through the permitting process but passed away before seeing the result of his efforts.
Hurricane Isabelle does severe damage to the pier exceeding DYC ability to finance repairs to the pier. Temporary repairs to pier were made to allow careful use until replacement process determined. note — we are not allowed to carry insurance on the dock or building (required by Navy regulations).
DYC was able convince the Base to finance removing old damaged pier and building a new pier.
  • The new pier was built longer to allow continued use of all slips some of which were no longer usable due to shallow water near shore. DYC continues to have full control and responsibility for pier operation and maintenance but must now pay an annual use fee to MWR of $4000.
  • Purchased additional bubblers for pier protection.
  • Air Conditioning window unit for Dockhouse.
  • Dock safety ladders.
  • As part of getting the new pier and facility relicensed for marine operations a new sewage pump out system was purchased
  • A new enclosed utility trailer was purchased to store the sewage pump out, grill and dock deicers.
  • In late 2006 the Ice machine failed and was replaced with a larger capacity water cooled unit. The club now has more ice and less generated heat as the new unit is water cooled.
  • New floating docks and ramp were added to pier. This supports the ramp users to provide space to tie up after launching or before hauling out.
  • Many piles were replaced/repositioned, a Joint effort between DYC and the dock contractor.
Floating docks extended along the pier.
A new rescue boat was purchased to replace the failing whaler and motor.
Additional deicers purchased to protect new pier, they improved protection but did not go far enough. We need to keep ice forming around the pilings in winter or they will be lifted up with tidal action. DYC uses electric motors turning propellers to move warmer water from the bottom up to the surface to prevent freezing around the pilings. This a1so necessitated adding more marine outlets to the dock, allowing use by boats in the summer and deicing in the winter.
  • Additional deicers purchased to protect new pier and outlets were added to accommodate the deicers.
  • A new motor was purchased to replace the unreliable motor on the rescue boat.
A Bimini was purchased and installed on the rescue boat.
No Wake buoys purchased and installed outboard from DYC pier.
Concrete Pad and Pavilion constructed along the quay wall following design and permitting.
Two charcoal grills were purchased and installed along quay wall adjacent to the Pavilion.
Installed new window HVAC in meeting room replacing failed unit.
  • Replaced water cooled ice machine with an air cooled ice machine. Old unit was consuming excessive water and beyond life expectancy. Water cooled units no longer allowed causing the switch to air cooled.
  • Installed ductless HVAC in locker room to deal with heat from air cooled ice machine.
  • New tank for sewage pumpout replacing rusted out original tank
  • Installed Window VHAC in restrooms.
Rebuilt trailer bunks for Sea Hunt, old supports rusted out and broken.
Rebuilt Ramp dock following storm destruction on 10/29/2021.