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DYC Standard Operating Procedures
16 Nov 2015

Membership in the Dahlgren Yacht Club (DYC) automatically binds the member to agree to the following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). For purposes of this procedure, Dockmaster shall mean the Dockmaster, the Assistant Dockmaster, or any active member of the Dahlgren Yacht Club Board of Governors.

Facility Use

All personnel using the DYC facilities shall adhere to the procedures contained here-in. Persons failing to adhere to these procedures may have their privileges or membership revoked.


After official notification (U.S. Mail), persons not removing boats or equipment from the facilities within the allowed time period may have their boats or their equipment treated as abandoned, and disposed of accordingly. The DYC BOG may assess additional fees for storage and bill cost for removal to the member.

Authorized Personnel

Only authorized personnel may use the DYC facilities. Authorized personnel are members and guests. Members assume all responsibility for their guests, including their guests' conduct. Members must accompany guests at all times while at the DYC Facilities.

Child Supervision

For safety reasons, children shall be accompanied and supervised at all times by their responsible member while at the DYC premises. All children required to wear vests on a boat per USCG regulations shall also wear them when on the dock. Any unescorted children with no business at the DYC should be asked to leave.


All unsafe acts or conditions will be reported to the Dockmaster as soon as possible. The telephone numbers posted in hall outside restroom doors.

  1. Emergency Reporting:
    1. Use the telephone inside the dockhouse, or your cell phone.
    2. SECURITY - 911(653-8291)
    3. FIRE DEPARTMENT - 911(653-8333 Emergency Only)
    4. In case of fire, evacuate all nonessential personnel from the area. Use fire extinguisher located at entrance, middle, and/or end of pier. DO NOT BOARD A BURNING VESSEL FOR ANY REASON!
  2. General Safety:
    1. The area within 200 feet of the dock is a "NO WAKE ZONE". While leaving or entering this area, boats will be operated in such a manner as not to generate a wake more than 3 inches high that will impact the vessels at the dock.
    2. Recreational swimming within 150 feet of the dock is prohibited.
    3. Crabbing and fishing from the dock, Pavilion or ramp area is prohibited.
    4. No flammable or corrosive materials will be stored in the dockhouse.
    5. Unless approved by the Dockmaster, boats shall not be moored or left unattended at the dock for more than 30 minutes.
    6. Any persons incapable of swimming must wear Coast Guard approved flotation devices while on the dock.
    7. Running, riding bicycles, or any other such activity on the dock is prohibited.

Fish Cleaning

The Fish Cleaning Station is for members and guests only.

  1. Cleaning of any catch is prohibited in areas other than the cleaning station.
  2. Do not place carcasses in the trash containers. All carcasses or parts of carcasses should be "recycled" into the water.
  3. If cleaning a large amount of catch please dispose of carcasses elsewhere.

Trash Disposal

The dumpster is for DYC and boat trash only. No personal trash from home or office. NO FISH!

Detailed Standard Operating Procedures

The Dahlgren Yacht Club maintains a set of Standard Operating Procedures documenting how DYC facilities and equipment will be maintained and used. Before use and operation of DYC facilities and equipment members shall read the relevant document sections.

Prior Instructions

This procedure supersedes all previous DYC instructions concerning operation of the this portion of the DYC facilities.