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DYC Pavilion Use
Standard Operating Procedure
16 Nov 2015

General Requirements

Membership in the Dahlgren Yacht Club (DYC) automatically binds the member to agree to the following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). General requirements pertaining to this and and all other DYC SOP are covered in the Master SOP.

Pavilion Use

A Pavilion has been provided by DYC for member use. Due to the location and and open design it is expected that non-member base employees may also be using it. All users are expected to abide by the following rules:

  1. Any special cleaning required due to misuse or accident may result in a fee assessment.
  2. Leaving a mess will be grounds for the BOG to consider revoking membership.
  3. The grills are provided for member use. Member shall supply the charcoal.
  4. Clean grills after use. DO NOT place charcoal ashes in the dumpster as they can start a fire even when they appear to be spent. A bucket is provided for charcoal ash.  When cleaning out the grill, place charcoal ash in the bucket and place the cover on the bucket.
  5. No propane grills are allowed unless the user has obtained a permit from the NSASP fire department.
  6. No wood fires are allowed.
  7. All trash must be placed in the DYC dumpster
  8. The Pavilion is located adjacent to the residential area on the base. There will be no loud late night activities that would disturb the neighbors.
  9. Crabbing or fishing from the Pavilion is prohibited.

Prior Instructions

This procedure supersedes all previous DYC instructions concerning operation of the this portion of the DYC facilities.