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DYC Membership Information

Membership Categories

There are 4 classes of membership:

Regular Membership
Military from any location or Civilian Employee of NSF Dahlgren The command must be your home duty station. or Tenant Commands.
Associate Membership
Military or Civilian Retiree who was a member at time of retirement
Unaffiliated Associate Membership
Retired Military (not retired from NSWCDL)
Racing Associate Membership
Must be sponsored by a Regular, Associate or Unaffiliated Associate member. Ramp and berth privileges not included.

Membership Entitlements

Regular Members, Associate Members, and Unaffiliated Associate Members
Entitled to the use of all DYC facilities (wet slips, dry slips, ramp, and lockers). For safety reasons, wet and dry slip rental is limited to members who live aboard NSF Dahlgren, work aboard NSF Dahlgren and its tenant activities, or live within a 30 mile distance or 30 minute commute of NSF Dahlgren. This restriction is necessary to assure that personnel who keep boats at the DYC facility can respond to emergency weather situations in a reasonable amount of time. Members of all categories can participate in the social events of DYC and in the sail boat races. Non-member participants in scheduled regattas or other events shall be extended temporary privileges appropriate to the nature of the event and consistent with normal standards of hospitality.
Racing Associate Membership
Available for people interested in boating activities and must be sponsored by a Regular, Associate or Unaffiliated Associate member who is responsible for this member when aboard NSF Dahlgren. The sponsor is responsible for any NSF Dahlgren base access for this member. Racing Associate membership in DYC does not provide NSF Dahlgren base access but does provide for participation in DYC social events and sailboat races. Racing Associate members may be required to launch boats at an off NSF Dahlgren location.

Membership Application Process

If you meet one of the above criteria, you may obtain a Membership Application form by writing to:

DYC Membership
PO Box 90
Dahlgren, VA 22448

... or sending an email requesting an application to: Membership email

The Membership Governor will contact you, make sure you qualify, insure DYC can provide the facilities (slips, dry slip, lockers) you are interested in and provide a membership application. Upon receipt of the application with a check for the dues/fees the application will be processed and a membership card delivered. All members must agree to the Standard Operating Procedures for facility usage. For more information, please review the constitution and Tri-Fold brochure (pdf 15Kb).

Membership Renewal Process

Membership renewal occurs in February and March of each year and require a membership application to be filled out and returned with required membership fee. The membership application allows DYC to verify member address and contact information. Members with slips or lockers need to have their application delivered DYC before March 15 to avoid late fee or loss of slip or locker to members that get applications in on time. The important dates are as follows:

15 February
Membership applications emailed
16 February
Postcard reminders mailed via USPS
1 March
Return completed membership application to DYC
15 March
Slip renewals returned to DYC to avoid late fee or loss of slip
27 March
Slip assignments finalized
1 April
DYC membership cards and slip/locker assignments mailed