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DYC Training Materials

DYC maintains a collection of hard copy training materials in the form of brochures, handouts, magazine articles, etc. (see unlinked items below). These materials can be found in the dockhouse library

Please submit any suggestions to the Training and Seamanship Governor at: BOG email.

The following are available for review in the Dockhouse:

List of Training Materials
Title Source
Vessel Safety Check Guide (US Coast Guard)
Minimum safety equipment standards (US Coast Guard)
USSailing safety equipment standards (USSailing)
Virginia Motorboat Owner's Guide (VA Dept of Game and Inland Fisheries)
Federal Requirements and Safety Tips for Recreational Boats (USCG)
A Guide to Preparing Boats and Marinas for Hurricanes (Boat/US)
Damage Avoidance Program - Self-Inspection Guide Sailboat Mast & Rigging (Boat/US)
Major Storm Preparedness Checklist (FEMA)
Hurricane Preparedness Plan (FEMA)
Hurricane Preparations for Boat Owners (DYC)
Anchoring Methods for Storms (DYC)
Spring Boat Preparation (DYC)
Nighttime Boaters Advisory Circular (USCG Auxiliary)
DYC Basic Sailing Course
How to Winterize Your Boat (DYC)
Ramp Guidelines and Launching Information (DYC)
The Boater's Guide to Preparing Boats Marinas for Hurricanes (Boat US)
Hurricane Preparation for Boaters (Boat US)
How To Help Your Boat Survive A Major Storm (Practical Sailor)