Dahlgren Yacht Club Training and Seamanship

Spring Boat Preparation

We know it is winter, but what better time to get ready for the next boating year. Think back the last few years and were you on the water in the spring or were you fixing the things that were broken the prior year and need to be fixed? Now is a good time to go to the store and get the things that need to be replaced for next year.

  • Replace old hoses (engine cooling, fuel, any through hull fittings)
  • Replace old dock lines (You need 2 sets for hurricane season)
  • Upholstery Tears?
  • Varnish / oil removable interior parts
  • Did you have any problems with steering or hydraulics last year?
  • Check your rudder post and centerboard pins / cables now.
  • Life Jackets need to be replaced? (old, torn, no longer safe)
  • Safety Equipment current and complete? (flares expire)
  • Inspect sails for needed repair work to fix tears, chafing, batten pockets. Get it fixed now!!!
  • Check your standing rigging and mast, halyard sheaves, turnbuckles.
  • Run all your lines through the washing machine 2 times to rinse out the salt
  • Do your trailer lights work?
  • Do you have rust on the trailer?
  • Do you need to repack bearings?
  • Have you looked at your trailer tires and spare? (age is main failure in trailer tires)
  • Any improvements you want to do to your boat that you need to purchase?
  • Get your bottom paint and supplies now.!