Dahlgren Yacht Club Training and Seamanship
DYC Approved Rescue Boat Operators

To use the DYC Boat you must be checked out in boat operation and provide a copy of a Boater Safety Card acceptable to Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. You must carry card when operating the DYC Boat. Leave a photocopy of card in Training Governors box at DYC or email a scan of the card to: race committee email People currently authorized to use DYC Boat are:

  • D Bessette
  • J Bubb
  • A Butler
  • R Butler
  • M Childress
  • J Futcher
  • B Gosse
  • D Haas
  • D Hannick
  • J Hogan
  • G Luffman
  • M Liersch
  • T Owen
  • S Spratt

For more information, please contact the Training and Seamanship Governor.