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2017 DYC Does Wilkerson’s

When: August 19th

Where: Wilkerson's Seafood, Colonial Beach

Time: 1730 (5:30 pm)

Yes, by popular demand, DYC has again arranged an evening for us to gather for a great dinner on the water at Wilkerson's Seafood Restaurant in Colonial Beach. Mark your calendars for Sat 19 Aug at 1730. Those who attended last year has lots of good things to say, so here we go again. Wilkerson’s is located right on Va Rt 205, just before Colonial Beach, on the left on the Potomac River with parking in front of the restaurant and in the lot across the road. Entrees range from $15 to $30, with sandwiches and a la carte available. A children's menu is also available.

The view is great and the service was prompt last year, so expect a nice evening out. Guests are welcome. If you plan to attend, please let your social governor know the facts by sending an e-mail to: with your name, phone, and the number of people so we can reserve suitable space at the restaurant. This is total pay as you eat, so there is no need to send in money. Individual checks will be provided. If you have any questions please e-mail social.

RSVP by Sunday 13 August 2017 to: social email

Thanks and look forward to seeing you at this year's event.