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External Events

The Table below lists Regattas hosted by other organizations in our area that DYC members may participate in.

External Events of Interest to DYC Racers
Dates Event
TBD Spring Tune-Up - QYC
1-4 June 2023 Southern Bay Race Week
14-16 July 2023 Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge
4-5 August 2023 SMCM Governor's Cup
TBD PYRC - Leonardtown Wharf Regatta - BCS
TBD PYRC - Dahlgren Cup - DYC
TBD PYRC - Leukemia Cup - DISC
TBD PYRC - Masters of the Potomac - QYC
TBD PYRC - Clements Island Regatta - BCS
TBD PYRC - Under the Guns Regatta - DYC
TBD PYRC - Frostbite Regatta - QYC

Links to regatta sites