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DYC Dry Slip Use
Standard Operating Procedure
16 Nov 2015

General Requirements

Membership in the Dahlgren Yacht Club (DYC) automatically binds the member to agree to the following Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). General requirements pertaining to this and and all other DYC SOP are covered in the Master SOP.

Dry Slip Facilities

DYC provides dry slip rental for boats on trailers and storage racks for small boats and canoes.

Contact Phone Numbers

All members with boats or equipment at the DYC Dry Slip facilities will verify that the Dockmaster has the appropriate telephone numbers to contact (including alternates) in case of emergency or hazardous conditions. These numbers will be posted at the dockhouse. Slipholders leaving the area for more than 3 days will notify the Dockmaster in advance. If your work, home or cell phone numbers change during the year, notification of the BOG is required.

Regular Use

Boats berthed at DYC must be in regular use. Boats not in regular use during the season may not be eligible for slip renewal the following season. The Dockmaster will prepare a list of inactive boats at the end of each season to be presented to the Board of Governors for review. Additionally, boats primarily berthed at other locations will not be assigned berths at DYC. DYC must be the primary berthing location for any yacht kept at the DYC facility.

Daysail and Canoe Rack Requirements

Boats stored in the daysail rack will be stored bottom up and fastened securely to the rack. Thunderstorms have blown boats off the rack in the past creating dangerous conditions.

Dry Slip Requirements

The following requirements shall be met to insure appearance and environmental safety.

  1. Boats shall be fastened securely to the trailer.
  2. Trailers shall be kept in a roadworthy condition including tires, lights and registration.
  3. Trailers shall utilize properly positioned wheel chocks placed on each side of both wheels on at least one trailer axel. In addition, a 12" x 12" x 3/4" piece of plywood or equivalent under the weight of the tongue (jack or wheel) to distribute weight and prevent pavement damage.
  4. Water must not accumulate in boats or on tarps.
  5. Torn boat covers must be repaired, removed or replaced promptly.
  6. Motors and bilges shall be kept in good repair insuring they are free of HAZMAT leaks such as oil and fuel. Owner must prevent HAZMAT leakage onto the ground in accordance with NSP Dahlgren environmental directives.

Hazardous Conditions

Hazardous conditions exist if there are weather or tidal conditions conducive to possible damage to vessels or the facility. In all cases DYC will comply with base direction. For purposes of this section, Dockmaster shall mean: the Dockmaster, Assistant Dockmaster, or appropriate designee. It is the responsibility of owners to be aware of hazardous conditions and act in accordance with these instructions. The club phone message will be updated to reflect operational status.

Dockhouse Telephone: 540-663-3696

  1. If conditions warrant, and at the direction of the Dockmaster, any or all boats and equipment in the area of the facilities, including boats in the daysail racks and dry slips, must be removed from the area. Base Hurricane Condition 3 (destructive weather within 48 hours) requires clearing all boats from the facility.
  2. All loose equipment in the area, including equipment on boats will be secured.
  3. Evacuation: All members must comply with any directive by the Dockmaster to remove their vessels or equipment from DYC facilities. A reasonable effort will be made to contact vessel owners or their alternate by phone, text alert, or email with numbers provided by members.
    1. The owner/alternate/designated operator must be fully capable of operating or moving the vessel during any evacuation.
    2. Members failing to remove their boats from the facilities during this condition may loose berthing privileges and/or have their membership privileges suspended, revoked, or other appropriate action as determined by the Board of Governors.
    3. In order to insure a prompt response, the DYC MAY REMOVE YOUR VESSEL if the owner/alternate cannot be contacted. DYC is neither responsible nor liable for any damage caused by this movement.
  4. Temporary Storage: During an evacuation, base command may provide temporary dry storage to DYC members. When notice is given that the DYC facilities have re-opened for use, owners are responsible for removing their vessel from this temporary storage within 24 hours of notification. Failure to comply with this paragraph may result in revocation of membership privileges or other action as determined by the Board of Governors.

Winter Conditions

Winter conditions are defined to exist between December 15 and April 1. DYC highly recommends that boats be removed for winter, as no one is there on a regular basis to watch out for them and any damage due to winter conditions is the responsibility of the owner.

  1. All loose equipment in the area, including equipment on boats will be secured.
  2. Boat covers must be checked and cleaned off within 2 days following any storm.

Prior Instructions

This procedure supersedes all previous DYC instructions concerning operation of the this portion of the DYC facilities.