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DYC Racing Program Perpetual Trophies Prior Year Winners
Year Forster Cup Most Improved PHRF Most Improved Portsmouth Don Quixote Dahlgren Cup - A Fleet Dahlgren Cup - B Fleet Dahlgren Cup - C Fleet
1986 Erro
1987 Krugerrand
1988 Flashback
1989 Yankee Dionysus
1990 Krugerrand Krugerrand Happy Talk
1991 Yankee Aquarius New Me
1992 Happy Talk Aquarius A.Tack.Duck
1993 Happy Talk Krugerrand Happy Talk
1994 Krugerrand Aquarius Happy Talk Surprise
1995 Menage A Trois (Centerboard) Snake Eyes Dionysus
1996 Surprise Snake Eyes A.Tack.Duck Sea Biscuit
1997 Pegasus Snake Eyes Periwinkle Georgia May
1998 Blue Heaven Night Moose Galilee Frigate Snake Eyes Blue Heaven Sea Biscuit
1999 Blue Heaven Melee S. Reedal Radio Flyer Melee Dionysus
2000 Night Moose Night Moose M. Vittoria Frigate Night Moose Wings of the Wind
2001 Ol' Blue Blue Heaven S. Owen T. Owen (Centerboard) Radio Flyer Frigate Blue Heaven
2002 Frigate Honey Do T. Owen Sabrina Blue Heaven Ol' Blue
2003 Radio Flyer T. Owen Radio Flyer Sabrina
2004 Blue Heaven S. Owen Pegasus Radio Flyer Blue Heaven
2005 Blue Heaven Stars and Bars S. Spratt Shark B8 Pegasus Frigate
2006 Night Moose Shadowfax Banana Wind Pegasus
2007 Blue Heaven Blue Heaven J. Bubb Pegasus Blue Heaven
2008 B. Gosse R. Butler Lola Night Moose
2009 Goin' Shadowfax D. Haas Shadowfax Blue Heaven
2010 Blue Heaven Blue Heaven    
2011 Blue Heaven Papaya That's Amore
2013 Blue Heaven Mea Culpa Shadowfax Avonna
2014 S. Spratt (Centerboard) Vento C. Rowe Big Kahuna Shadowfax Vento
2015 B. Gosse Mea Culpa Blue Heaven Avonna
2016 A. Butler &
R. Butler
Mea Culpa Blessed Blue Heaven Avonna
2017 B. Gosse Blessed Blue Heaven Blessed
2018 B. Gosse A. Schreiber
2019 Blue Heaven Maria’s Mark A. Schreiber Blue Heaven Tipsy
2021 Maria's Mark Papaya Papaya Goin' Gemini
2022 Maria's Mark Tulip Blue Heaven Gemini
2023 Maria's Mark Savannah G. Polachak Tulip Goin' Maria's Mark